Things You Don’t Want To Know About Your Carpet

Posted on March 25, 2014 in Latest News, Hints & Tips


Today’s carpet cleaning appliances, be they vacuum cleaners or wet cleaning devices, undoubtedly do a much better job than those in use some years ago.


We are today bombarded by advertisements for the latest ‘turbo’, ‘vortex’ or some other supposedly technologically advanced vacuum cleaner. The problem is that no domestic appliance is going to be able to tackle the unseen dangers that lurk in most domestic carpets. Moulds, bacteria and viruses, fleas and dust mites are just some of the living organisms that set up home in any domestic carpet.


These invaders represent real threats to family and personal health, particularly where there are young children living and playing. Carpets attract grime and dust, dirt and grease and any manner of foreign material that is brought in on the soles of shoes or which may be the result of spilt liquids or food which has been dropped.


If the family has a pet for example, the chances are that the family dog or cat has fleas, despite all efforts to ensure that it does not. Fleas can lay dormant in a carpet for months, undetected and unnoticed. Once the weather warms up however, the fleas become active and start biting family members and can cause significant ailments in young children.


Dust mites are another potential hazard to both children and adults, having the capacity to cause serious allergies. These tiny creatures feed on dead skin cells, millions of which are shed by family members every hour of every day. No domestic carpet cleaner is going to get rid of these health hazards, no matter what the claim of the manufacturer may be. They are simply not designed to do so.


Dirt and grease brought in from outside becomes ground into the carpet fabric to such an extent that it becomes almost impossible to remove without specialised treatment. The accumulation of dirt and grease and the combination of the two acts as an aggressive abrasive on the carpet fibres and can significantly increase wear and tear and shorten the life of the fabric.


The solution to all these problems is to have carpets cleaned regularly by a professional, using professional carpet cleaning equipment. The equipment used by carpet cleaning professionals is entirely different to that found in most homes. For example, professional wet cleaners operate at a much higher temperature than anything available in the domestic market place.


The chemicals used by professional carpet cleaners are superior to those that can be bought in any supermarket and techniques such as hot water extraction ensure that any carpet that is cleaned professionally will be free of all the threats listed above.


Despite the fact that some carpets can cost thousands of pounds, generally speaking, they are poorly maintained. To remain in peak condition and free from hazards, domestic carpets should be cleaned professionally every 12 - 18 months, depending upon the environment.


For a relatively low cost, professional carpet cleaning carried out on a regular basis not only ensures that carpets will last a lot longer but also give the peace of mind that carpets are genuinely clean, free from dirt, bacterial waste products and other hazards to family health.