The Top Five Places Where Germs Hide Around Your Home

Posted on May 21, 2014 in Latest News, Hints & Tips


Germs and bacteria can lurk in all sorts of places around the home, and trying to tackle all of them would be a cycle of never-ending cleaning routines. So much so, that if you tasked yourself with ridding your house of germs, you could wave goodbye to a job, relationship, and an altogether decent quality of life. That's because germs are everywhere, and however hard we try, we'll never be able to beat them out of the front door to be banished for good. But there are things you can do - and that's by hunting them down in the places which often get overlooked.


Now that winter is over, most of us decide to give our homes a good spring clean - it's a chance to air the house and breathe new life into our home. Cleaning your house from top to bottom can be a time-consuming affair so if you simply don't have time it's probably wise to invest in the services of a professional cleaner - like us. We know all the favourite hiding spots of germs, bacteria, dust and dirt. If you do have time for a bit of spring cleaning though, here are the top five spots to clean first... because they're the places that usually get forgotten.


1. The walls by the toilet


Every time you flush a toilet (especially if you don't shut the lid), you'll be sending microbes hurtling up to 20 feet across the room. It's pretty grim thinking - especially if your sink is close by. But the areas that are affected the most by flushing are the walls around the toilet - so remember to wipe them down when you do the rest of your bathroom.


2. Toothbrush holder


While we're in the bathroom, make sure you give the toothbrush holder a good clean too. Have you ever looked at the bottom of it? Chances are it'll be dark and gunky - just the perfect place for bacteria and germs to call home.


3. The remote control


Yep, that little gadget that gets used every day by everybody in the house - it's no wonder it’s been found to be even dirtier than a toilet. It's a quick thing to fix though - swipe with an antibacterial wipe and say bye bye to the bad guys.


4. The coffee pot


They're notoriously difficult to clean and most of us simply don't have the time to take them all apart. It's a good idea to make sure you do though as bacteria can easily build up on those tiny bits of ground coffee, oils, and also from mineral deposits from water. Give it a good clean with a white vinegar solution or descaling product every few months if you can.


5. Cooker knobs


We all wipe the hob (most of the time), but cleaning around the cooker knobs can be fiddly. However, it's worth investing a bit of time doing this as grime and bits of food have a sneaky habit of taking up residency in this kitchen spot. Lots of cooker knobs pop off so you can simply wash them with detergent and replace. Or try lemon juice to cut through grease residue.


These five hot germ spots won't take all day to tackle, but addressing all those other spring clean areas could take a week. If cleaning really isn't your idea of fun don't suffer in silence - call us today on 020 8445 5288 and we'll blitz that dirt, dust and bacteria away...