Please read below for our client reviews and feedback.

"I have enjoyed years of worry-free service from The Home Team. Both the office staff and the people who work for them have been friendly, reliable and efficient. Holiday substitutes are offered well in advance and the team has always been ready to try and accommodate any changes from my side. This is an excellent business that beats all rivals! "

Judy Burrows – client since 2008

"I have been a client of the Home Team since 2005, and although I have never used any of their other services I have to say that their cleaners are superb. They seem to be loyal to the company and stay for years - I am only on my second, long-term one. The staff are intelligent, reliable, conscientious, and very well instructed and trained; they deliver a fantastic service and are responsive to individual customer's needs. Although I am usually at work when my cleaner arrives I really enjoy talking to her on the occasions that I have been around. The all-female Home Team are wonderful to deal with, they take criticism on board (and hopefully do the same with praise), and they are as flexible and accommodating as anyone may wish for, as well as being polite and reliable. All that at extremely reasonable rates. I cannot wait to use their handyman and carpet cleaning services - and they even make me wish I had a garden."

Birte Twisselmann – client since 2005

"Since they started several years ago, The Home Team have kept us going with reliable cleaners and gardeners who can deal with the mess of our growing family. We miss the days when Christi, Kate and Sophie scrubbed the floors themselves, but the expansion of the business is testimony to their efficiency and expertise and to the hard work of everyone around them."

Dr Stephen Frosh – client since 2004

"We have been using The Home Team for several years now and think they are great! So far we have sampled their gardening, window cleaning and oven cleaning services."

Chris Longman – client since 2009

"Flawless service from both the office staff and the cleaners they sent out."

Amelie Du Grange – client since 2011

"The Home Team came yesterday and were fantastic! Tidy, accurate, considerate, friendly, worked and troubleshot until the job was done. Really impressed and would use them again."

Leanne Rivers - client since 2011

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